Traveler Passport Wallet Red von Herr Pong Berlin

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Herr Pong Berlin

Jay Pong ist ein in Hongkong ausgebildeter Industrie-designer. Er arbeitete für Fedon 1919, bevor er als Lehrling in Berlin das Lederhandwerk erlernte und seine Identität zu Herr Pong wechselte. So heißt auch sein Label, welches hochwertige, detailgenaue, langlebige Lederaccessoires von ihm persönlich in Berlin fertigt.

Jay Pong is a trained industrial designer from Hong Kong. He worked for Fedon 1919 before he came to Berlin to learn leatherworking. He switched his identity to Herr Pong, which is also the name of the label for his high-quality, detailed leather accessories. Herr Pong makes them personally in Germany’s capital.


The Travel Passport Wallet has 5 card slots, where you can keep you business cards and bank cards separately.

Your passport would perfectly fit in the main slot, even the extra thick German passport would fit! And there is two other slots for money or tickets etc.
It is built in holding an iPhone SIM card Pin and it comes with 2 tiny pockets for your Foreign nano SIM cards!
A Great Gift Idea for frequent travellers!

Removable/ exchangeable elastic band closure.

Mitte Collection combines 2 materials - First grain Cow/ Calf Leather + Super Light weight but durable Washable Paper together, it is very minimal but practical.

Size - 14 x 9.5 x 1.3cm