Gallivant - NIDA - Fragrance for Urban Explorers, 1,2ml

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Gallivant – Perfumes for Urban Explorers

Nick Steward, ein mit Preisen ausgezeichneter Parfum Macher aus London gründete Gallivant. Ein simples Label für höchste Ansprüche. Seine Düfte erzählen von Lieblingsorten, vom Reisen. Träume jetzt und bereite dich vor mit den handlichen Nomaden Größen von 1,2ml, um die Welt bald wieder zu selbst zu bereisen.

Nick Steward is the award-winning perfume maker behind Gallivant. A simple label for scents that hearken back to favorite places and trips. Dream now with the help of these 1,2ml nomads and be ready when we can finally travel again.


A tea-infused floral amber. Our first-ever parfum, in a specially decorated bottle, evoking the nature and summering birds of the Curonian Spit.

Nature, water, blues skies: the soul-cleansing vibe of Nida - a summer retreat and artists' colony off the amber-rich Baltic coastline of Lithuania

Key notes: mandarin, tea infusions, wild flowers, tolu, amber


To Nida, on the Curonian Spit – a UNESCO World Heritage site between the lagoon and the Baltic Sea. Colourful wooden cottages. Dunes, water, forest. Scents of flowers in the breeze. Pine trees, moss, patchouli, amber. The carefree rhythm of summer. The beauty of a simpler, slower life and simple pleasures.


A tea-infused floral amber, in parfum concentration. Opening with mandarin, cardamon and incense.

Heart notes: tea infusions, lilac, jasmine, violet, orris and a sunflower accord.

And the base is constructed around a cedarwood, patchouli, moss, tolu and a respectful nod to our Baltic location: a radiant amber accord.