Burglar Räubermütze Brombeere, 100% Biobaumwolle

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Das polnische Designer Duo Kasia und Kuba lassen in kleinen Manufakturen in Polen Socken und Mützen fertigen, um den Alltag ein wenig bunter zu machen. Gemacht für alle lustigen Leute, egal welches Alter, Geschlecht oder Profession.

Kasia and Kuba are a Polish design duo whose socksand hats are made in small factories in Poland to make every day just that much brighter. Made for people with a sense of humor regardless of age, gender or profession (or non-profession).

Does choosing organic cotton change anything? Such a choice might help save even up to 1696,5 l of water! For comparison, it's around as much as one person would use in the average household within two weeks.

Composition: 100% organic cotton

Dimensions: around 22 cm height x 20 cm width

Washing instructions: It's best to wash KABAK organic cotton beanies by hand. In that way, they will serve you for many seasons. We recommend not to bleach, iron, or dry clean the beanies. It can damage delicate cotton fibers. Let them naturally dry on a flat surface.

Kabak kept the animals only on their socks patterns, making our brand 100% vegan. Kabak makes beanies and all other products at KABAK in Poland.