Hammered Big Hoops Ohrstecker Messing

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Schmuck aus Berlin

Die Sachensucherin Laura Huppert ist viel im Nahen Norden und fernem Osten unterwegs. Dabei hat sie eine Silberschmiede in Jaipur entdeckt, wo sie ihre eigenen, skandinavisch, minimalistischen Kreationen von Hand fertigen lässt. Es entstand eine enge, persönliche und faire Zusammenarbeit. Wunderbares aus Messing und Silber.

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Laura Huppert often goes looking for things in the Middle and Far East. And she discovered a silversmith in Jaipur who could produce her minimalistic, Scandinavian designs by hand. Personally. Fairly. Beautiful brass and silver.


All silver jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver and like all silver it oxidizes when exposed to air. The best way to make sure it stays nice and shiny is to wear your silver jewelry a lot. When not wearing your silver jewelry it is best to store it in an air tight container. Or to restore its shine you can treat it to some silver polish every once in a while.


All brass jewelry is made from raw brass which ages beautifully, becoming a bit darker and getting patina over time. We love this slightly darker, worn look, but if you want your brass jewelry to be shiny again, just use some brass polish to clean it. If it is just slightly tarnished you also can use this little trick: rub a bit of ketchup on your brass jewelry, wait for a few seconds, rinse it off, dry it off, and it will be nice and shiny again. As with silver, the best way to store your brass jewelry when not wearing it is in a clean, dry, airtight container.

Material: Messing glänzend poliert (der Ohrstecker ist aus 925 Silber)

W 8 mm, Ø 38 mm