Wolldecke von Klippan Harald

130 x 200cm. 100% eco lambs wool

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1879 in Schweden gegründet und in der 5. Generation verbindet Klippan schwedisches Design mit traditionellem Textil Wissen. Seit 1990 wird in einer eigenen Fabrik in Lettland nur Schurwolle, Leinen und Baumwolle von bester Qualität versponnen, 100% kuscheln, der Winter in Berlin kann lang werden.

Klippan was founded in 1879 and a fifth generation now links Swedish design with classic textile traditions. The company’s own factory in Lithuania has spun wool, linen and cotton into a coziness that’s perfect for Berlin’s long winters since 1990.

130 x 200cm. 100% eco lambs wool.

These classic throws are made of 100% lambs wool. The definition of lambs wool is the first shearing of the sheep that is no older than six months. During later years we have also been able to produce throws in ecologic lambs wool. The ecologic lambs wool is totally free of pesticides and no chemicals or antibiotics have been used during the breeding of the sheep.