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Anhänger von Home Folk

Wenn man als Schreiner beginnt und dann Illustration studiert, sich im Mittelteil neu erfindet, kommen voll die süßen Holzanhänger bei raus. Jay Wright produziert in seiner Altbauwohnung, holt das Holz aus einer Restekiste eines lokalen Baumarktes und das Zubehör aus Läden in seinem Umkreis, dann bringt er die Produkte mit dem Rad zu uns. Echt Made in Berlin.

How do you end up with cute wooden key chains? Start your career as a woodworker and then study illustration. Hand-made by Jay Wright in his flat from wood remainders found at the hardware store. He delivers them to us on his bike. Truly Made in Berlin.


Fungal Friends!

Handmade birch ply charm with stainless steel carabiner. Each charm is finished in a hard-wearing clear coat gloss varnish.

This charm is based on Cantharellus Cibarius aka Chanterelle. This very tasty mushroom can be found in Eurasia, North and Central America and Africa grwoing in small groups in woodland, more often with beech or birch. A delight to come across and another delicious mushroom for your dinner plate.

This charm is happy dangling from your favourite bag or hanging around clipped to your belt loop. Take it to the shops, add it to your cute fit or even take it foraging for good luck.

We can't guarantee it will bring good luck ;)

60mm high
50mm wide
18mm thick