Bath Towel Natural Binchotan Charcoal

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1930 begann Maruyama Fiber Industry als Moskito Netz Hersteller in Nara, dann wurde die Entwicklung von hochwertigen, mulitfunktionalen Heimtextilien dominanter. Viele Schichten und die zusätzliche Anreicherung antibakterieller Kohle (Binchotan) lässt das Material schnell Wasser aufnehmen und trocknen.

Maruyama Fiber Industry started in 1930 in Nara as a maker of mosquito-netting but eventually moved into multi-functional kitchen fabrics. The many layers makes these dishtowels surprisingly absorbent and the added charcoal makes them anti-bacterial. They’re in our bathroom too.

The Bath Towels are 100% naturally made. They feature a unique weave that is exclusive to Japan and are made without any dyes or chemicals. The persimmon and charcoal towels naturally absorb odor and bacteria. Ideal
for after the bath or shower.

Size : 65cm x 128cm, 6 layered

Material: 65% Cotton, 35 % Rayon

Made in Japan

Hersteller Maruyama Fiber Industry Co.
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