Corona Diary 2020 von Vic Lee

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In 2020 the world stopped.

A virus emerged that affected almost the entire planet. An invisible force that locked down countries, took lives indiscriminitaly, created global economic uncertainty and closed borders.

Over six months in the making, this beautifully drawn, hand-crafted diary by artist and illustrator Vic Lee is one person´s perspective of what it was like to live through this period. Listening to daily new stories, experiencing new ways of living and adapting to new and necessary controls, Vic Lee documents the story as it unfolded. From the immense gratitude to those on the frontline, to the reactions and decisions made by leaders that would affect us all.

An artwork in its own right, Vic Lees Diary is an extraordinary and permanent memento of a life-changing moment in history.

Vic Lee is an artist and illustrator based in South East London, UK. He has gained a reputation for his hand painted murals and intricate detailed pen work. Vic combines storytelling with elaborate flourishes, elegant illustration and decorative typography.

He has been commissioned by the World’s biggest brands, companies and agencies on bespoke hand painted wall murals, the largest being 18 metres in length, to limited edition packaging, advertising and live events.

Book size ca. 30x20x1,5cm

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