Samen für urbane Gärten, Sweet William Holborn Glory

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Samen für urbane Gärten – Piccolo

2012 gründete sich Piccolo, um Samen für den Topf anzubieten, kompakte und kleinwüchsige Varianten für Balkon und Terrasse. Gemüse, Kräuter, Bienen freundliche Blumen, Kollektionen für die nächste Tomatensauce oder den nächsten Cocktail. Alles verpackt in recycelbaren Materialien. Happy Gardening!

Piccolo has been curating the perfect small and dwarf plants for pots, balconies and terraces since 2012. Bee-friendly flowers, the right mix for a pasta sauce or even herbs for a cocktail. And all in recyclable packaging. Happy urban gardening!


Sweet William Holborn Glory is one of those lovely old-fashioned flowers that you just cannot resist for so many reasons – easy to grow, intensely fragrant and extremely gorgeous with its lovely combination of raspberry red with a pristine white ring bloom. Dating back to the 1920s, this variety has been a favourite for cottage gardens, but every border, meadow or even container will benefit from its beauty. Sweet Williams, which represent gallantry in the Victorian language of flowers, make long-lasting, fragrant cut flowers, but the place where they give the best is the pastry lab: as its petals have a pleasant spicy, floral, clove-like taste, they are ideal for decorating cakes and desserts.