Soja Dufterze Paradies 180ml von Kabak

Soy Candle Paradise

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Soja Duftkerzen aus Polen

Das polnische Designer Duo Kasia und Kuba haben wirklich tolle Duftkerzen für deine Entspannung kreiert. Jeder Duft ist aromatherapeutisch und der Holzdocht lässt die Kerze ganz soft 48 Stunden lang brennen. 100% vegan mit natürlich Zutaten, gut für Dich und auch in der Nähe von Kindern und Tieren. Endlich Ruhe!

Polish design duo Kasia and Kuba have created the perfect scented candles for the relaxation you deserve. Aromatherapy with a wooden wick that offers 48 hours of nerve-calming time. 100% vegan with natural ingredients – good for you, even when you’re around the kids and animals that fuel your need for relaxation.

Relax and clear your mind with a firm composition of patchouli, nutmeg, and tea tree. Soy wax candle Paradise is a strong fragrance dominated by the scent of a burned tree. Time of burning: around 48h

Composition: 100% soy wax and natural, tested etheric oils: burned wood, nutmeg, tea tree, patchouli.

All KABAK candles are available in 180ml jars.

KABAK soy wax candles are handmade in Poland. They're also 100% vegan - we use biodegradable soy wax and etheric oils sourced from the plants only. KABAK candles are safe for the skin and are great for keeping inside the house where the kids and animals are present. Glass package is recyclable - we encourage you to reuse it. :)